Christoph Ganea, Medical Doctor, Specialist for Internal Medicine and Psychothterapie, Frankfurt, Germany.

"I recieved the photos,many thanks. The Workshop with you was for me a Special Highlight in my life. Thank you for all those good tools you gave us".    Kind regards, Christoph.

Mehmet Kocaoglu MD, Professor of orthopaedics and traumatology, Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction, Istanbul, Turkey.

"My wife and I have had 2 Private Sittings with Ann and she has demonstrated to us that the spirit lives on after physical death. Ann I found the spiritual session with you was almost like psychotherapy and most beneficial. Thank you”.  Mehmet.

Professor Lance St John Butler, MA, PhD, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Ann's demonstration of the Aura Film Camera was most impressive.  She presented the outcomes of the experiments in a most convincing manner and, without making any excessive claims, convinced me that auras both exist and with the aid of her equipment can be seen as a live, moving entity."  Regards Lance.

Brita C. Dahlberg / CEO Frankfurter Ring e.V. Germany.


"We highly recommend the work of Ann Treherne – her abilities as a medium and as a teacher. Especially the work with the aura-filmcamera impressed the participants. To make these tools available and to train people how to use them properly in order to improve their mediumship is the future – Ann is at the frontier in this field! We are looking forward to welcome her back here in Frankfurt".  Thanks Ann, Brita.

Imelda Penny, Sydney, Australia.

  On May 5th, 2018 I had the privilege to sit in a course and Ann used a camera to show the energy around people. We were doing Healing and each student had different energy patterns showing. When the Spirit came into their energy, the different effect it had on the people giving and people receiving it, was amazing to watch live on camera”.  Thanks Imelda.

Rupert McCown, Director, Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong.

 “Ann told her interesting story with eloquence, engaging the audience.  We had a lot of thanks from the packed audience for this special event and are keen to run the talk again’”.