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From CEO to Psychic Investigator

Ann Treherne comes from a corporate background in banking and finance, latterly being CEO of a subsidiary company of a large, international bank.  Back in 2000, she left the corporate world, having encountered premonitions which she states as being ‘dramatic and traumatic’. This, was her ‘wake-up call’ which caused her to seek out answers and ultimately to give up her job to become a Psychic   

Investigator.  Now an International and inspirational Speaker, Tutor and Workshop Facilitator, she brings a unique talent and professionalism to the mysterious world of the metaphysical.


Chair of Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

Now a Medium in her own right, Ann has worked with some of the best-known names in the industry including James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell , Gordon Smith, etc.  Although she travels extensively, Ann comes from Edinburgh, the birthplace and hometown of Arthur Conan Doyle and is Chair of The Centre which bears his name, where she hosts talks and events celebrating the life of this great man.    

As a Performer at The Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, Ann has been awarded the Laurel-Leaf Rosette by The Fringe organisation following her fifth successful year of sell-out shows at this – The Biggest Arts Festival in The World.  


Workshops and Keynotes

As an award-winning speaker and innovator, Ann has enjoyed speaking engagements with some of the most prestigious venues and organisations internationally, including The Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong, The Society for Psychical Research, London, The Annual Conference of The Unitarian Society for Psychical Research; to Students from the University of St Thomas, Minnesota and from The University of Edinburgh.  Tutoring in workshops in London, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Malta and throughout the U.K, for 2019 she has the accolade of being invited to work in the world renowned, Lily Dale, New York as well as Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax, Nova Scotia.     Ann is currently writing her first book and has recently appeared on BBC 1 Walks of Life programme being interviewed by JB Gill from JLS fame.

Book Launched



“Some of the phenomena Ann describes are truly incredible, such that even direct witnesses may come to doubt their own senses. For those of us who were not there, we may be faced with the dilemma of accepting at face value reports of occurrences that go well beyond our personal boggle threshold (as Mairi says in Chapter 14, “You wouldn’t believe it if you hadn’t seen it yourself).” 

- Prof. Chris A. Roe – President, Society for Psychical Research, London.

Aura Film Camera


Embrace the Future

More recently Ann has developed her area of research into ‘the Biofield’, commonly referred to as ‘the Aura’. “Every living thing omits an electro-magnetic field”, says Ann, “Modern technology, is now able to reveal normally ‘invisible’ light patterns in the aura.  With the aid of this new technology and by filtering photons of light not normally visible to the human eye, this technology allows us to see the subtle energy around us”.  Above are some examples of shots of students at an earlier workshop where you can see the aura change from one shot to the next as the students perform various exercises.  Ann has captured some amazing video footage of spirit contact with a student as she sits for trance and what appears to be a vortex of energy in The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.


An example of live filming of the moving aura.  

Watch Lisa Williams as she expands her aura repeatedly then pulls it back towards herself.

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For more information on fees and availability, send me a message. Tell me about your event, and I will get back to you soon with more information.  The Book Launch has been delayed due to the Coronavirus but on-line talks and interviews are being conducted via zoom.